Turn Financial Friction Into Financial Harmony

Do you and your partner find yourself avoiding the “money talk” to keep the peace?

Financial disagreements are one of the leading causes of divorce and breakups in Australia and the Western world.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a statistic.

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Turn Financial Friction Into Financial Harmony

Do you and your partner find yourself avoiding the “money talk” to keep the peace?

Financial disagreements are one of the leading causes of divorce and breakups in Australia and the Western world.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a statistic.

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Couple's Money Coaching



Money coaching isn’t just about tackling the tangible — the bank accounts, mortgages, or budgets.

 It’s about demystifying what lies beneath. The secret to financial intimacy isn’t effortless, but it is simpler than you could think. It’s trust.

Trust is acknowledging all the uncomfortable emotions that arise when bringing up a touchy subject such as money and the willingness to talk through them and reach a compromise.

My Couple’s Money Coaching program helps you work through the obstacles keeping you from achieving a healthier approach to conflict-solving strategies.

Who Does Couple's Money Coaching Help?

Do you find yourself experiencing resentment, shame, guilt, anxiety, or fear in your relationship lately?

You’re not alone! Money troubles, especially in a relationship, can get overshadowed by a slew of other problems and it can become difficult to spot exactly how finance plays a significant role.


My money coaching services are for you if you have doubts or disagreements regarding:

  • How money should be spent and saved.
  • Income disparities determining who has control over where the money goes.
  • Making cautious vs risky investment decisions.
  • How much to spend on significant purchases, as well as a level of comfortable debt.
  • Setting aside savings for your children’s education.

The Inspiration Behind Couples Money Coaching

My name is Karen Eley and I started offering Couples Money Coaching after over 15 years of working as a financial adviser and partner at a financial planning firm in Adelaide and Sydney.

I witnessed couples unable to overcome financial hurdles because they couldn’t compromise on they way they wanted to manage their money, and how it piled up with deeper issues in their relationship. It moved me to see couples being short with each other, or exchanging derogatory remarks over money — something that I knew could be repaired with a little dedicated guidance.

 I saw how financial stress put pressure on couples, infecting other areas of their relationship, and it motivated me to support them on their journey toward bettering their relationships with money and each other, as they discover how finances can play an integral part in love, family, health, careers and overall well-being.

 My mission is to help you repair your external struggles with money by encouraging you to look within and heal past wounds.

 I wholeheartedly believe money can be an uplifting and empowering part of every couple’s life, and my Couples Money Coaching services are here to make that your reality!

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Fuel Your Relationship With Financial Intimacy

Picture this — Your relationship is thriving, and money is just another way you and your partner strengthen your bond instead of testing it.

 Working with a Couple’s Money Coach means giving yourself the best chance at a beautiful, long-lasting partnership capable of withstanding the test of time and money.

 Financial Coaching for Couples is conducted with couples over a period of 3 to 4 months and six to eight 2 hr sessions.

  • An understanding of the nature of conflict and respecting opposing points of view
  • Strategies to create unity by working together through being open to each other’s input
  • Skills and practical strategies for smart spending, saving, and investing
  • Techniques to address conflict in a compassionate way
  • Methods for confident self-advocacy
  • Help with unveiling the toxic habits sabotaging your financial health, as well as advice on how to address them
  • Direction to help you align yourself with your money and lifestyle goals
  • Guidance on how to design a simple and sustainable plan and agree on your financial future as a couple

Areas of Focus

Deep understanding of your own and your partner's money story

Identifying & overcoming your emotional money hot buttons

4-6 x couples sessions - 2hrs
2 x Individual sessions 1hr

Financial tracking & accountability dividing assigning financial responsibilities

Healthy communication tools that will ensure you and your partner feel heard and understood

A tailored money map of practical & emotional strategies to action


$2,997 Pay in Full OR - 6 Monthly Payments of $500

Book in your complimentary 30 min session today to learn more.

Here's What Past Money Coaching Clients Loved About Their Experience


“My husband and I sought Karen’s services as we were becoming increasingly aware of the misalignment in our approach to earning, saving, and spending money.

Karen worked with us both to identify our own personal relationships with money in regard to what it represents, how we experience it, and our approach to it.

Once we had a greater understanding of our own personal strengths and weaknesses around money, we were able to come together with a fresh approach on how to better communicate, plan and approach our financial goals moving forward.

It really is crazy what a huge impact working with Karen has had on our relationship, our family, and our future!

We honestly cannot recommend working with Karen enough.”



Initially was unsure as to the potential outcome of meeting with Karen. What was pleasantly surprising that by being open about my money history and upbringing, it revealed how my money habits were established, and where I was proud / ashamed of my capacity. Knowledge is power here.

Karen is skilled and judgement free with a caring personal approach.

Whilst we aren't out of our debt, we are out of our spiral of debt, and have the tools for financial freedom. Worth every moment!



As a financial coach myself - I knew I still had my own money issues to deal with. I reached out to Karen for help. She guided me along an insightful journey into my 'money biography'. This was so impactful because our money problems are rooted in what we were taught and experienced as children, and how our parents were with money.

I've gained new insights into my mindset and behaviour around money.

Karen helped me discover limiting beliefs that were holding me back from where I want to be.

If you want to get to the root of your money problems then look no further. Karen is amazing at what she does and I'd highly recommend reaching out to her!


Make Your Money Work, By Choosing Love First

As profound of an impact as money may have on relationships and the society we live in, it should never, ever triumph over love.


To learn more about the many ways you can build financial intimacy in your relationship, download our Couples & Money e-book, 5-step Guide How To Talk About Money So Your Partner Will Listen

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